Why they like Obama.

I am constantly finding myself in the weird position of having to fight with white people over Obama.To say that this feels weird is truly an understatement.It feels almost like a bad dream.I mean since when did white people start to trust black people the way they love this man? I have come to understand that Obama is a racist white person’s favorite negro.He never reminds white people how still hateful they can get towards black people. Obama even went as far as going to Africa to lecture Africans about crime and corruption while he knew damn well that the country he is president of is responsible for all the ills effecting Africa.He disrespects Black people on a daily basis by neglecting them altogether.He even allowed Troy Davis to get killed when he could have save him if he wanted to.I believe even Bush had more Black people in his cabinet than Obama.Blacks,surprisingly admire Obama for the same reason white people love him.Blacks are so easy to brainwash that they have allowed the media to convince them that Obama’s political carer is more important than their own lives.Could there be a group of people more stupid than Blacks. From believing that a white jesus is going to come from the sky to take them to heaven one day to putting their trust in a mulatto they really know nothing about.It is as if the white owned power structure can put the devil himself in front of them with a nice face and dark complexion,and they will kneel down to kiss his feet.As far as the Latino community is concerned,they will support anyone whose name rhymes with mamma.