Difference between love and hate

When an organization that defines itself as the one knowing the difference between war and peace donates the nobel peace prize to a person who is waging wars all over the planet ,what are we supposed to think? Should we accept such a disrespect to our intelligence or should we reject it ? The logical response should be to reject it but,since we have been programmed since childhood to accept bad as good and good as bad,our minds are such that we can’t depend on them anymore to guide us to make the right decisions anymore.We are trained to believe that a book in which a god teaches a people how to beat a slave just enough to not kill that slave on the first day of punishment but to save death for the second day is a good book and that this god is a good god.Something in us is supposed to let us know that beating another human being so badly is a bad thing but,because this book is a good book,such evil is taught to be good .And,because we are forced to respect this book, we accept every evil and inhuman act in the book as good and moral.Parents who are supposed to know better;l Even the descendants of the people who were subjected to those horrible beatings are convinced that this god is still a good god.So, I ask you the reader of this article,How is this world ever going to change for the better when the people are so confused that they do not know the difference between good and evil ? In my humble opinion , religion has corrupted the mind and soul of the world so deeply that the majority of people do not know the difference between love and hate or war and peace. There must be something wrong with humans because,no matter how enticing the promise of everlasting life is,we are all born with that thing we call common sense.We are so stupid and hungry for everlasting life that we are willing to give up our souls for the bullshit that religion offers.We are so hungry for it that we are willing to sacrifice even the future of our children and grand children in exchange for life after death.Religion teaches us that in order for us to meet a flying zombie named jesus, our world needs to be destroyed and we accept that concept as normal and acceptable.The bible tells us that one day little Jewish children will be fighting against Christian children yet,we do not give a shit and continue to believe in it.We are so selfish that we care more about an imaginary life after death than we do about the real life of our children.We continue to send our children to these people to get raped and sodomized no matter what…Then,we want our children to respect and love us when we do nothing but disrespect them and show them hate.When will this madness stop,nobody knows and nobody cares but maybe about 2 % of the world population.This 2% is made up of a small group we like to call Atheists and those people are some of the most hated people on the planet.The same people who are out to save the planet are the most hated of all people.So,I say to all religious people of the world,fuck all you motherfuckers and kiss my motherfucking ass.I hate you all for being so selfish , stupid and evil.